Successfully manage your risks with RIAAT project management software.

RIAAT integrates cost, risk and scheduling and considers uncertainties at all levels.

Developed to manage major construction projects

RIAAT was developed to manage and integrate cost, risk and schedule analysis for large-scale construction projects.

This integration offers a solution to the widespread problem of cost and schedule overruns seen in numerous major projects worldwide. RIAAT's clearly structured hierarchical tree view provides a unique overview of your projects and allows for customizable reports for different management levels.

The right software solution for your project

RIAAT is designed to manage any type of project, from smaller ones like office buildings and community roads, to large-scale construction projects such as airports or tunnels.

Choose a RIAAT edition that best suits your needs: Small Business, Professional or Enterprise.

Project Risk Twin

The Project Risk Twin process refers to the conceptual integration of cost, risk and schedule analysis (figure) and the application of advanced modeling features such as risk correlations, dependencies and linkage, event tree analysis, calculation of potential future delay cost (i.e., liquidated damages and penalty cost), and risk-adjusted escalation cost.

By combining these state-of-the-art methods, your RIAAT project approximates your real-life project in the best way possible and represents it in the form of a digital twin.

Understanding, assessing, and proactively mitigating risks, preventing construction delays, creating and seizing opportunities and presenting your projects with intuitive dashboards are some of the primary benefits of the Project Risk Twin.

Probabilistic results based on Monte Carlo simulations

Base your decisions on the best risk-benefit ratio shown in RIAAT. Monte Carlo simulations create probability distributions that allow you to assess the level of probable cost or time overruns with regard to your defined budget or milestone date.

  • Consider uncertainties at all levels.

  • Use ranges (bandwidths) instead of single deterministic numbers.

  • Bottom-up aggregation for transparent results.

Integrated cost and schedule risk analysis

RIAAT considers the interdependence of cost and schedule. Time-related costs, risk impact, incentive fees, etc. are factored in to optimize your project in terms of cost and schedule.

  • Build a schedule including risks and uncertainties.

  • Link schedule and cost using drag-and-drop.

  • Consider cost caused by schedule risks.

  • There's never only one critical path. Take every option into account with multiple critical paths.

Who uses RIAAT?

RIAAT’s users are professional risk managers, typically active in Project Management Offices (PMO), having as such access to required data input from different departments in the organization such as cost estimators, cost controllers, schedulers, and construction managers.

Successfully used worldwide

RIAAT has been used in many international large-scale projects such as NYC Subway Canarsie Tunnel, International Airport Lima/Peru and Brenner Base Tunnel.

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