Successfully manage your risks with RIAAT project management software.

RIAAT integrates cost, risk and scheduling and considers uncertainties at all levels.

The right software solution for your project

RIAAT is designed to handle any type of project, from large-scale construction projects such as airports or tunnels to office buildings and community roads.

Choose a RIAAT edition that best suits your needs: Small Business, Professional or Enterprise.

Integrate cost, risk and schedule

Transparent cost and risk control. Any time. At every level of your project.

RIAAT integrates cost management, risk management and scheduling in one software.

It considers the interdependence of cost and schedule. It uses probabilistic methods to fully take into account risk and uncertainty. It helps you to really get to know your risks.

Easy launch with RIAAT Assistance

The RIAAT Assistance tool helps you get the maximum out of RIAAT.

Get RIAAT and start working right away. Without expensive and time-consuming training. Our interactive tutorials provide step-by-step guidance throughout the whole modeling process. A comprehensive knowledge base explains important terms and concepts.

All-in-one program

No more need to use several programs.

Combine information from various advanced modeling tools in one unified model. All clearly structured in a hierarchical tree view. This helps you stay on top of your projects - even if they are highly complex.

Better decision-making

Stop cost and time overruns by considering uncertainties.

Rather than working with unspecific averages, RIAAT lets you calculate the probability of exceeding or not exceeding a certain value, amount or milestone. You can then determine a reasonable budget and target date in accordance with your personal risk appetite.

Keep your costs and schedule up to date. Gain complete control over your targets and your project progress.


Save time and energy by using direct schedule imports from Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. Cost estimates and risks can be imported easily from various sources with the integrated Microsoft Excel interface.

What-if analysis and live reports

Compare several project scenarios and receive probabilistic results within seconds. Then create individual management reports for any level of the project’s WBS.

Successfully used worldwide

RIAAT has been used in many international large-scale projects such as NYC Subway Canarsie Tunnel, International Airport Lima/Peru and Brenner Base Tunnel.

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