Integrated cost and schedule analysis

RIAAT considers the interdependence of cost and schedule. Time-related costs, risk impact, incentive fees, etc. are factored in to optimize your project in terms of cost and schedule.

  • Build a schedule including risks and uncertainties.

  • Link schedule and cost using drag-and-drop.

  • Consider cost caused by schedule risks.

  • There's never only one critical path. Take every option into account with multiple critical paths.

Independent work breakdown and cost component structure

  • Fully customizable work breakdown structure (WBS) and clear results on every level.

  • Model cash flow and escalation.

  • Use predefined templates or your individual cost component structure.

  • Include project cost controls in your project.

Probabilistic results based on Monte Carlo simulations

Base your decisions on the best risk-benefit ratio shown in RIAAT. Monte Carlo simulations create probability distributions that allow you to assess the level of probable cost or time overruns with regard to your defined budget or milestone date.

  • Consider uncertainties at all levels.

  • Use ranges (bandwidths) instead of single deterministic numbers.

  • Bottom-up aggregation for transparent results.

Easy launch with RIAAT Assistance

The RIAAT Assistance tool helps you get the maximum out of RIAAT. No expensive and time-consuming training needed.

  • Start right away with the integrated interactive tutorials.

  • RIAAT in 5 min demonstrates modeling examples in just a few minutes.

  • Need a quick hint while modeling? The modeling guides include every part of the modeling process and help you right away.

  • Grow your knowledge by browsing the comprehensive RIAAT knowledge base.

Real-time results and powerful visualization

  • Export customizable reports for various management levels at any time.

  • Reports are clearly structured and feature advanced graphics such as pie charts, tornado and bandwidth diagrams.

RIAAT model presentation editor

Create presentations of your results directly in RIAAT with the presentation editor.

  • Link your RIAAT models directly to slideshows.

  • Well structured presentations within minutes.

  • Switch between RIAAT and your presentation without the need of any other software.